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Music Camp Communique

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Vol 6, August 2020

It was summer, and this particular day it was rather humid. Nonetheless, the day was enjoyable. Suddenly I received a
message. It was from my grandmother. "Your great uncle from the United States has passed away." I was crushed.
He had stage four cancer and I knew that he didn't have much time.


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Vol 3, August 2019

It’s almost 6 weeks since we said goodbye to a wonderful inspiring and uplifting camp. How have you been faring since then? Have you been tempted to loose sight of your
comittment to God and your pledge?

Can you remember your pledge? Do you still carry it around with you?

Have you read it?

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Vol 2, June 2019

Thank you to those who responded to the first edition of our camp communique. It was lovely to hear from you.
Talents are a sacred gift from God. It’s easy to take our talents for granted or to slight them as being of no great value. It takes personal disciple to keep our talents at peak performance.
There is a saying “If you don’t use it you loose it.” That goes for everything we do. If we don’t exercise our muscles we get weaker, ever had your arm in a sling. It doesn’t take
long to loose the strength you had in that arm does it?

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Vol 1, March 2019

Welcome to the first edition of Music Camp Communique. It is our desire that this newsletter can keep us all in contact and encouraged between music camps. Often we experience a real genuine high at music camp then after a while find ourselves alone and in need of encouragement and we begin to lag in the battle of faith. Let us follow the advice of Hebrews 3:12-14 through this communique.

We will begin with bi monthly  newsletters but if there are lots of testimonies we will include more than one testimony per newsletter and we can change it to 6 weekly or monthly.

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